Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's amazing how arrogant fundamentalists are....

The bible promotes humility and that's one thing fundies aren't. Think about your god for a moment. He is infinitely smarter than you. Infinitely more powerful than you. His creation is infinitely larger than you and will be here much longer than your insignificant life.

Yet you think your god is actively interested in your meaningless little life and does things for you even though just thinking about your life is like you watching Growing Pains reruns for eternity and no hope of any new episodes.... ever. You cant help but be infinitely boring to him.

This god giving a crap about you and your life is akin to you taking a personal interest in the life of a termite living in Kenya.... And making sure it has enough wood to eat... And keeping the local ant eater out of it's way. Would you ever think about adopting a termite in Kenya? Of course not! So why would your god give a rat's ass about you and wether or not you make it to Safeway and back in one piece? It doesn't make the slightest lick of sense. To think that god give a crap about you is the supreme arrogance. It's not humility.

Atheism and evolution are FAR more humble than Christianity and Creationism. We live in a universe that doesn't know or care about us. It has no personality. It has no intentions. It's a cold heartless universe. But that's not a thing to be sad about. This is also the story of our triumph! We have carved out a little niche here and called it home. We have survived and become the dominate species on this planet despite "it's attempts" to kill us now and then. Are are insignificant specks who exist here for a blink of the universe's eye. That is humility.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something to watch for with some fundies....

Fundies like Dumbass Comfort and his ilk love to change the meaning of words. For instance, the word "good" in Comforteese is redefined as "perfect".  "Evolution" is redefined to include the big bang, abiogenesis, and proof requirements for evolution that if true, would actually disprove evolution.

Another favorite is "faith" = "trust". This is not so. Trust is earned and based on a track record. Faith is given blindly and in spite of evidence.

These word games can trip you up if you don't watch out for them.