Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Public Response to Richard Chavarria's & Steve Sanchez's dishonesty and censorship

Richard Chavarria at Steve's blog made a claim that "10,000 people become Christians and every day there are 300 less atheists"  Clearly this is a bogus claim, but we were willing to let him save face by posting a source or a retraction. Unfortunately Steve has censored the living shit out of that page and the entire thread has been cleansed.

This is par for the course at Stone the Preacher.

This is my reply that I am sure Steve will not have the balls to approve.
What in the world is going on here??
Richard made an unsupported claim that was clearly BOGUS. When called out on it he ducked and dodged and spun to ignore the fact that he made a bogus claim. He even threw out a red herring that the NYT is not to be trusted because it made a mistake SIX decades ago!! Likely everyone who was a part of that screw up is dead by now! 
I am going to say it. Richard, a person you call “Righteous” and whom you have allowed to moderate comments here, LIED. Because you preach with him and have allowed him to moderate here, his lie reflects on you, Steve.  And now you are censoring the fact we have caught him in a lie??? You are now a willing part of his deception! 
Is this the sort of face you want to present with your ministry? I have lost ALL respect for you, Steve. You are a dishonest coward. 
I am sure you will not have the courage to allow this post, but it has been posted and preserved at Smrt. 

Go to hell Steve. It's time for your blatant dishonesty and censorship to end.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ok Folks. This is off topic and please pass this around!

For those who don't know me, I ride a motorcycle.

I was almost hit Tue. night as well while in the carpool lane on South 85 in Mt. View. I was doing the 50 mph in the carpool lane with a nice space cushion in front of me and back when a black car from the #2 lane swerved into the car pool lane doing about 10 mph just 10 yards in front of me. I had microseconds to react and avoid hitting this guy's car and was forced into the shoulder to avoid the Alpha Hotel who cut me off. 

Please remember to use your turn signals and check your mirrors before you change lanes.