Monday, November 26, 2012

Todd Friel doesn't support dying with dignity....

Todd, if you really have a problem with people who are dying choosing when to end their own lives too bad. That you think you have a right or duty to speak out against it is sicking. I hope you have the choice as to when to end your life when it comes and you can't take the pain and don't want to be a burden on anyone any longer. While you may not make the choice, I at least hope you get to have that choice.
You are despicable.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Public reply to Bodie Hodge of AiG.

A reply to Bodie's load of shit at AiG

"Are you tired of all the evil associated with the philosophy of atheism—Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and so on?"

Bodie, no one associates those kooks with atheism except christians. Those tyrants were mentally ill. And in point of fact, Hitler was not an atheist, but a Catholic Christian. There is no evil associated with atheism except the evil you try to impose on atheists for not believing the same superstitions as you. Most atheists are good hard working people who are compassionate and generous. If atheism is inherently evil as you imply, why are atheists 11+% of the population at large yet less than 1% of the prison population? The numbers seem to say that atheists are more moral and law abiding than more so called christians. 

"After all, most murderers, tyrants, and rapists are not biblical Christians, and most have rejected the God of the Bible."

Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Religion has a gigantic body count. From the crusades to the inquisitions to the dozens of wars fought over religions and countless other despicable acts. 

"Even if they claim to believe in the God of the Bible, they are not really living like a true Christ follower (who strives to follow God’s Word), are they?"

Who's to say? The God of the bible has murdered millions by his floods or other so called judgements to ordering genocide by his followers. 

"Do you feel conflicted about the fact that atheism has no basis in morality (i.e., no absolute right and wrong; no good, no bad?) "

Not at all. Atheism speaks to *one thing only*. The lack of belief in gods. Period. It doesn't have any position on morality or any other matter. It doesn't speak to aesthetics or ethics or anything else. In fact that you and other christians keep spewing this "atheism has no basis on morality" is just intellectual dishonesty. 

Do you feel conflicted that your bible endorses rape and slavery and doesn't denounce molesting children? For a so called moral guide, your bible promotes the most vile aspects of human behavior. Do you feel conflicted that your god allowed the devil to murder people over a fucking bet? Does it bother you that in your precious bible, your god has a body count in the millions and Satan only one of 10? Seems to me you are worshiping the wrong character in that book.

"And further, knowing that you are essentially no different from a cockroach in an atheistic worldview (since people are just animals) must be disheartening."

Hardly! That we have survived to become all that we have is something to be proud of! We live in a universe that doesn't know or care we exist and has been "trying" to wipe us out for eons, speaks to our resilience! That is not something to be disheartened about, but is the sound of our triumph! 

"Are you tired of the fact that atheism (which is based in materialism, a popular worldview today) has no basis for logic and reasoning? Is it tough trying to get up every day thinking that truth, which is immaterial, really doesn’t exist?"

Again atheism doesn't speak to logic or reason. Just the disbelief of your god claims. Please try to get that through your thick skull.

That you don't understand that simple point makes it pointless to respond to the rest of your misguided claims.

"Invitation: I invite you to reconsider that the false religion of atheism is simply that."

I invite you to realize that your religion is a delusion. I invite you to join reality and leave your stupid beliefs behind you! I invite you to realize that atheism is not a religion any more than the color "blue" is part of the audio spectrum.  But till you accept those invitations and decide to be intellectual honest, I invite you to go fuck yourself. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Todd, Quit Being A Whining Crybaby Sack Of Shit!!

Poor crybaby Todd Friel of is clearly upset that his mythology isn't allowed to be taught in public schools. Here he is very whiney that his false take on reality is called out for what it is! A MYTH! 

This dean of Florida International University is correct in that a college grad should not be allowed to graduate with demonstrably false beliefs! Just as an astronomy student shouldn't be allowed to graduate with a belief that angels push the planets around in their orbits. Or a medical student shouldn't be allowed to graduate with a belief that gremlins cause disease instead of germs! Or a chemist shouldn't be allowed to graduate thinking that alchemy is a correct model!

Todd, you don't get to say if your model is scientifically valid. And your precious beliefs are not exempt from ridicule when they are ridiculous and refusing to teach them in schools isn't academic suppression, it's education!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ken Ham begs the question...

Without Genesis . . . Our Children Learn the Bible Cannot Be Trusted

When our church leaders teach believers, especially youth, that Genesis 1–11 is untrustworthy, they are teaching (unwittingly or not) that the Word of God is not authoritative. While it may seem hard to believe that the denial of 11 chapters from just one of the 66 books of Scripture could have such a negative impact on people, it has been confirmed by the research presented in Ken’s book, Already Gone. Two-thirds of our children are leaving the church by the time they reach college age. And the majority of them do not believe that Genesis 1–11 is accurate or reliable. Church leaders’ compromise on Genesis, including their incorporation of evolution and millions of years, is teaching our children that the Word of God lacks authority—and our children suffer the most from the results of such thinking.

 No shit?  Really?

All available evidence tells us that all of Genesis, Exodus, etc is untrustworthy as it doesn't fit any of the available facts. The lack of collaborating evidence is astounding! Normally absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but in this case, the astonishing lack of evidence is not just evidence of absence, but conclusive!

We can conclude that the if the god of the Christian bible is as he is described in the bible, then he doesn't exist!

These kids are not leaving because they don't believe in Genesis, but because they discovered you have been lying to them about the lack of congruence between the bible and reality! They are not suffering from the results of this discovery, but being freed from your archaic superstition and hopefully finding the real world far more interesting than your fables and myths!

Friday, November 2, 2012

More republicans believe in demonic possession than climate change?? WTF??

A disturbing new poll reveals the majority (68%) of registered Republican voters believe that demonic possession is a real phenomenon...

According to the poll results, 49 percent of Democrats also said they believe that its possible to be possessed by demons. Overall, only 35 percent of the 1,200 registered voters polled -- including Independent voters and others -- said that demon possession is an impossibility.

WTF is wrong with America? Really? Why is it we believe in superstitious nonsense, but we don't believe in the things science tells us about reality?

Noah brought puppet "kind" on the ark???

A recent "research journal" entry at Answers in Genesis that attempts to quantify the number of "mammalian kinds" that Noah took on his fictional ark, Dr. Jean K. Lightner, an independent scholar for AIG, classifies a puppet made by Secret Gully as a Greater gliding possum. "Fig. 18. Greater gliding possum. Source: Secret Gully"

It is unknown why Noah would have taken it on the ark or if this is the only puppet species he took on board with his family. Did he also bring marionettes and sock puppets as well? Was LambChop also on the ark? Is this one puppet's offspring responsible for all the puppets species in the world today? What is god's position on the sacrifice of puppets to atone for sins? Where do you sprinkle the stuffing? Do you remove the puppeteer's hand before or after the sacrifice?