Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jason Lisles has a brain fart.... again.

Jason Lisles of Answers in Stupidity Genesis,  thinks he can outsmart Einstein's Theory of Relativity. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for light to move instantaneously even today. So, the amount of time it takes for light to travel from the most distant stars to earth is actually zero—not only during Day Four of Creation but today as well. ~Jason Lisles 

 So, light is instantaneous?

Jason here has single handedly, without a single equation or test, overthrown General Relativity! Never mind that GR has passed EVERY test thrown at the predictions it makes. Never mind that Jason hasn't performed a single experiment to test his "theory". Naw. Einstein is wrong just because the bible doesn't agree with him. Jason is a moron in the first degree.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Comfort the hypocrite.....

Ray offers this bit on Sunday.....

Atheists Cashing in on the Rapture
Regarding the stupidity of predicting the rapture, Richard Dawkins said, 

"An aspect of religion that intrigues me is its capacity to con money out of a seemingly endless supply of gullible idiots. Is there anything so stupid that, if you put it out there, you can't find thousands of people (and their money) to believe it." 

And those who believe what the professor says can buy his books, DVD's, trinkets, T-shirts, etc., from his website. There is an endless supply who do.

Ray Comfort, who's "ministry" pays him a very comfortable 6 figure salary each year.
Here is a sample of the shit Ray sells:
101 Last Days Prophecies BookletBillete de Un Millón de DólaresSmart cardsTicket To HeavenWallet

Now, who is out to make money?

Ray, is a first class fucking hypocrite. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011