Monday, March 12, 2012

A christian tries to scare me with his idea of hell.

A christian at Stone The Preacher says:

It saddens me that you continue, day after day, week after week to blog your atheist approach and yet the truth of the Gospel message just doesn’t break through “ANYMORE!” I say anymore because you clamed you once were a Christian! Have you ever considered what the Bible says about your defection /apostasy? Please read these words from the book of Hebrews: ” For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful expectation of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries. (Hebrews 10:26-27)
Have you ever given any real thought to what Hell is like? Would you allow me to help you get a vivid picture of a place I hope you never see?
Hell is the prison–in which the prisoners of God’s justice are confined.
Hell is where punishment is inflicted on all who die at enmity with God.
Hell is the place where Satan acts the part of the chief tormentor.
Hell is the place where conscience, armed with terrible power, torments the guilty soul.
Hell is the place where reflection, aided by a strong and tenacious memory, afflicts without mercy or cessation.
Hell is the place where God frowns justly and eternally on the naked soul.
Hell is the place where everything calculated to . . .satiate with terror, fill with agony, and
torture with pain, exist.
While everything calculated to inspire hope, give pleasure, or impart relief–is excluded forever.
After reading the above you might ask yourself, who will be there?
Satan and his demons–all those foul, wicked, and degraded spirits–who are filled with envy, malice, and enmity against God and man.
All unrepentant sinners–of all classes, creeds, places, and periods.
All who have . . .stained the world with their crimes, afflicted others with their cruelties, and degraded themselves by their vices.
All the lowest, vilest, and basest of the human race!
God is there too, in his glorious majesty, almighty power, impartial justice, and awesome holiness! O how it will aggravate the sufferings of the lost–to have God’s eye always fixed upon them, and the justice, holiness, and majesty of God ever shining before them! (Psalm 139:8)
(This is a point we often overlook; I have heard many people say that Hell will be Hell because God is not there, but I contend that Hell is Hell because God is there, and those in Hell will face His holiness and justice and wrath against sin, in their fullness, without the shield of Jesus Christ, for all eternity – that is what makes Hell Hell)
What is in Hell?
Justice with its flaming sword–is there.
Memory stored with the whole history of one’s life–is there.
The worm that gnaws the vitals of the soul, but never dies–is there.
The fire that cannot be quenched, which tortures but never destroys our nature–is there.
But there is no Bible there.
There is no gospel with its joyful sound.
There is no gentle, loving Savior.
There is no loving friend or dear relation.
There is nothing to lessen or alleviate suffering!
Hell concentrates in itself, all the elements of misery, degradation, wretchedness and woe!
... as [Steve Sanchez, the stoned preacher] wrote in another post, “I let you post here so that the wise Christian can pray for you.” That was a kind and loving statement, just one to hopefully get you to sit up and take notice!
Please, please repent; how much more vivid can I be?

Hell is a scary story invented by religious leaders to control the masses and to get them to do as told.
The bible says a lot of things. Virtually none of it is true or real. It claims the world is 6000 years old created in 6 24 hour periods. This is so blatently wrong it's absurd. There is no divine wisdom in the bible. There is nothing more insightful than what we would expect from bronze age writers who were terrified by what they couldn't understand when they looked at the world. From the world they thought was flat (chüg) to lumping bats and birds together when they have almost nothing in common. There is NO divine wisdom in the entire book. None.
You even contradict yourself with your hellish descriptions:
"Memory stored with the whole history of one’s life–is there."
"There is no bible there."
You claim my memory and my whole life story will be there. The bible is part of my life's history. Now you claim that there will be no bible there and by extension part of my history will be gone. Which is it? Will there be no bible there or will I have all my life history?
You are a fear monger. Nothing more. You read a book that scared you and now you are running around like Chicken Little... but you don't even have an acorn to show us. When asked for the slightest most miniscule amount of evidence for your claims, you can't even produce a whisp. Worse than that, ALL the evidence is against your bible and your God. Not just some of it or most of it, but ALL of it.
Being a fear monger is a pretty pathetic thing to be. There is literally no difference between you and Howard Camping, Pat Robertson, Noah Hutchings, and others with thier doom and gloom. If only you could read your own words from my POV. I am literally doing the *facepalm* when I read this post of yours. It's silly.
The bottom line is this: You can be a vivid as you like with your descriptions. How about coming up with, I don't know... some evidence?