Monday, September 10, 2012

Dr. Andrew Snelling from Answers in Genesis... Fraud?

Dr. Andrew Snelling from Answers in Genesis wrote today trying to answer the common rejection of his vacuous young earth - anti-evoltion claim "How could most scientists be wrong?" 

"When it comes to explaining how the rocks and fossils formed, however, those are events that occurred in the past. They can’t be repeated and observed. Thus, explanations about how rocks and fossils formed in the past are interpretations, not facts."
This is an absurd objection but it opens an interesting door. His assumptions can be tested if they only took a year!  So I challenge him to reproduce rock in less than a year using sediment.

"Sure, we can observe and study today how sediments are deposited in layers. But to say that sediments have always accumulated in the past at the rates we observe today is an assumption."

And his claims are also an assumption. But there is no reason for real geologists to assume that the rates of formation changed at all!

Ya, know what? Fuck it. His claims just are not worth responding to. They are vapid nonsense and I have wasted too many electrons on them already.