Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some questions for christians

I have a few questions for theists. I think they are reasonable questions that most christians will have a very hard time answering. Please refrain from quoting scripture. I know the bible rather well and I am interested in your view, not the bible's.

1) Assuming god is omniscient, meaning he has all knowledge. Knowledge must be acquired and verified as accurate. How did god acquire his knowledge? How did he verify it as accurate?

2) Assuming god is all powerful, what are the limits of that power? Can god make a cat give birth to an elephant? Can god turn an bean into a preacher? I won't get into the problems with contradictions related to omnipotence.... yet.

3) What is god's purpose? What was he doing before he created the universe? Why would be need to create the universe?

4) How can god be three persons in one? How do you justify calling yourself a monotheist when 1+1+1 must always be three?

5) If the bible was true, accurate, and complete, it would be the final authority on every topic. Yet clearly, it fails on matters of science, history, and even mathematics. How do you come to terms with that?

6) I maintain that if the christian god exists, he is evil by human standards. Many christians try to defend the evils of the OT by saying that god can do whatever he wants; that he is above his own laws and making things good or evil at his whim. This is by definition an amoral being (without morals). How can an amoral being give moral laws when morality has no meaning to that being?

I will ask more questions later... but this is a good start.

Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.

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