Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!!!!

Learn About Zombie Jesus Day.

Teachings and Acts of Zombie Jesus

Jesus's flesh and blood being eaten by his apostles, during the Last Supper
Zombie Jesus' words and acts are recorded in one of the apocryphal books (books which were not included in the New Testament by the Catholic Church), the "Book of Brains". The most famous part of the "Book of Brains" is the "Parable of the Brains", in which Zombie Jesus spoke unto the assembled masses: "Braaaiiins.... braaaiiinnnss... braaaaiinss!!" (in the original Greek of the Gospel, "μυαλό.... μυααααλό.... μυααααλό!!!").
He also coined the phrase "turn the other cheek so I can eat the other side of your brains!"