Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How cute! Chad Williams thinks he is smarty enough to invent a new fallacy!

Chad Williams from Living Waters offers this brain fart:

The “Taxi-Cab Fallacy” is committed when one hops in and assumes a certain system of thought or worldview in an attempt to make a particular point but then jumps out of the system of thought when it suits their fancy. Such practice lacks logical consistency and is therefore a logical fallacy.

A detractor of the Christian worldview cannot hop into the Christian system of thought by erecting an objection grounded in the Bible and then demand an answer be given without the use of a Bible. Again, they cannot appeal to the Bible in raising their question and then insist we throw our Bible out of the equation when we give an answer!

This is a blatant attempt to limit the skeptics arsenal. This isn't a fallacy. Demanding that something inside the bible be proven from outside the bible is perfectly legitimate. If what is said inside the bible isn't true outside the bible, then it isn't true inside the bible.