Monday, January 23, 2012

Theists, get over yourselves already!

"What sin is it that you love so much, it is keeping you from believing the truth? Do you like to take things that don't belong to you? Do you like to lust? Are you a serial liar? Do you like to sleep around? You will be held accountable before God. I will pray for you. "

This is an example of a typical theist who just can't fathom why you don't believe the same shit he does, so he assumes you must be some sort of person who just loves to live in "sin". They are not able to understand that you don't believe in their invisible friend so you don't recognize sin as being real. And it bugs the living shit out of them!

Theists, we are not evil people. We are not serial killer. We are not thieves. We are not liars or "fornicators" any more than you are!

We don't believe your baseless god claims! That's all! Nothing else to it!  Now get off your high horse and stop being so fucking sanctimonious! You are not better than anyone else because of your invisible friend. Get over yourself.