Monday, January 30, 2012

Poor Ken Ham is not happy.....

Ken Ham of Answers in Stupidity Genesis is not a happy camper right now because many churches are not falling in line with his delusion that the earth is 6000 years old and dinosaurs lived on the earth with humans before a global flood.

"...what is happening in the church today is exactly what the atheists want to see happen. The atheists know that if they can get Christians to compromise God’s Word in Genesis, eventually there will be a generational decline in the acceptance of the authority of all of God’s Word."
 Is this really a bad thing?  Ken knows that evolution is a reality. He knows there was no global flood. he has been corrected countless times about the lies he spreads. But Ken doesn't really care. Why? Ken is not really a fundamentalist christian. The fundamentalist is his mark, his cash cow.

Ken thinks there is hope for him:

But here is the encouraging part:
  • Thousands of churches now use AiG’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) program.
  • Our new Bible curriculum—covering all the books of the Bible—will be released in the fall; we have already seen incredible interest in it.
  • More Bible-defending resources than ever are being purchased from AiG.
  • The AiG website attracts several million visitors each year.
  • And hundreds of thousands of people, including tens of thousands of kids, are coming to the Creation Museum every year.
 As you can see, these are all products that Ken sells or helps him sell his product. He closes his letter with several requests for donations as well. Clearly Ken is in this for the money and method of income is to spread the madness of young earth creationism.