Thursday, July 5, 2012

"The bridge is out and you are about to die!"

Steve Sanchez and other Christians frequently make the claim that they are trying to warn you about hell the same way a normal person would warn someone else about a bridge being out on the road you are driving.

He claims to be warning you about the impending doom....

But there is a serious problem with his little analogy. When we stop and listen to his evidence about the "bridge being out" we look at the maps and see no bridge, no river, no water. We call the local police and ask when about this bridge and they are confused telling us there is no bridge within 20 miles of where he claims this bridge is! Ariel photos tell the same story, no bridge! Every expert tells the same story that not only is there no bridge out, but there is no bridge at all!

This is a common analogy for Christians claiming to spread the gospel. It's a bullshit analogy that should be ignored and ridiculed when heard.

The only bridge that is out is the one in Steve's head.

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