Sunday, June 24, 2012

A great comedy show!

The Evolution of Comedy is an awesome show!  I saw it a few nights ago in Sunnyvale, Ca at Rooster T. Feathers  and loved every bit of it!

Please keep an eye out and see it should it come to your area!  Better yet, get to your local comedy club and request these guys!

From their email:

My name is Maurice Northup and I am one of the comedians putting together a comedy show focused on skepticism and rational thinking. This is our website ->
We kicked off our tour in Tucson and it was very well received. We made lots of 
new friends and have taken the show to Sacramento and will be in San Francisco 
as well. I cannot tell you what a joy it is to perform for an erudite audience 
that gets ALL the jokes and doesn't heckle drunk gibberish. Atheists are the 
BEST audiences I have ever had. 

We hope we can count on your support to get the word out to your group and also 
hope you can attend! Please feel free to get back to me with any questions or 
concerns as well as any ideas you might have to get the word out for our 

Thank for your time and consideration.