Sunday, April 7, 2013

I pity Steve Sanchez's kids. I really do.

So Steve had this to say: 

The Stupid Family 

I’m teaching my daughters to get used to feeling stupid. 
During a recent visit to the Griffith Observatory we engaged in a game called “Find the lie.” As we experienced the many wonderful displays revealing God’s creation in the cosmos we also read some of the theories that pass for “science.” 

“Girls,” I said excitedly, as we looked at the Supernova display, “find the lie!” 

They replied, “Hydrogen and helium are the two most abundant elements. They were made in the Big Bang more than 13 billion years ago.” 

“Very good!!” I affirmed. “Read the other lie, too.” 

“Our bodies are made of elements that came from stars that died as supernovae.” 

A mother with a teenaged daughter overheard our conversations and whispered something. The daughter gave a knowing smile toward the stupid family.

You really have to feel sorry for these poor kids. Their education is being sabotaged by their own father! It's really sad that he thinks an ancient book is more reliable than the whole of the science community. Sadly if his kids want to enter the science community they will need years of remedial education to undo the damage done by their own father.

He actually wants them to think they should be proud of being stupid. And people wonder why atheists say that teaching creationism to children is tantamount to child abuse.

To Steve's daughters: If you really want to not be "stupid" then please find a university professor in the UC or Cal State system to talk to you and explain why your father is an idiot and while his intentions may be misguided, you will pay the price for his stupidity later on in life. Feel free to contact me as well and I will keep your secret and tell you where to get the truth.

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