Friday, April 19, 2013

Tony Miano is a hate filled divisive bigot

Tony Miano offered this response to announcements of "interfaith" prayer services in regard to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

First Tony is clear that his fucked up god is responsible for the attack:

"Why did the bombing at the Boston Marathon happen? Because Almighty Sovereign God allowed it to happen"

But then he changes his mind:
"Did something bad happen to good people? No. Something bad happened to inherently sinful people, at the hands of inherently sinful people

"Were innocent people injured and killed as a result of the bombing? Innocent before God? No."

Martin Richard was a bright, sunny 8-year-old who loved to ride his bike and scored the winning goal for his soccer team in a championship game last year. Martin was also killed in the Boston attack. Tony thinks that Martin is not a "good person". An 8 year old is guilty in the eyes of Tony Miano. 

"The reality is that God allowed the events of April 15 to take place in Boston, for reasons known only to Him, with the perfect intent of bringing Himself glory in the event itself or in the aftermath.
And no human being has the right or authority to question God about it, as a prosecuting attorney would cross examine a suspected criminal"

So, Tony thinks that this attack was allowed by his god to make his god look good in the eyes of someone. Not just that but we have no right to question his god's intentions??  Fuck that. We absolutely do have that right. Not just the right, but the duty to do exactly that! If we as human beings are not able to make correct moral judgements, then we can't say that anything is moral or immoral and that applies to his fucked up concept of a god too!

"I do not wish his wrath to be poured out on anyone (whether directly or indirectly)--certainly not the men, women, and children injured, maimed, and killed during the Boston Marathon."
Yes you do Tony! You said you want your god to be glorified and as you claim this act was allowed by your god to do exactly that, then you do want these people to be fucked up by the attack!  And that makes you a sick son of a bitch that you think that.

Miano then goes on to personally attack several of the religious leaders at the service because they do not hold the same religious views as him. I am surprised he didn't attack the city for allowing female pastors to pray at the service.

Tony then goes on to attack Boston itself.

"For 43 years, the City of Boston has had a Gay Pride Parade"
"Boston is in a state that has legalized and celebrates marriages that God does not recognize--marriages between people of the same sex"
"The heart of the City of Boston is as wicked as any other city in the United States. It is a city that calls evil good, and good evil"
Tony claims that this statement by Obama is "an utter blasphemous offering to [g]od".
"Faith in each other, faith in our country, and love for each other is our power."

Then Tony reveals his true intentions; to stand on the bodies of the dead and wounded to make you fear  and turn to his fucked up god that allowed this attack:

"The correct response for America to make, the right response for every American to make in times of national tragedy is to repent of individual and corporate sin and turn to Christ."

 Then offers this gem of a contradiction:
"The only right response is to seek the mercy of the one, true triune God (within the one Being that is God, there exists eternally three co-equal and co-eternal Persons--namely the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)."
Tony can't see that he is a polytheist pretending to be a monotheist. He can't see the logical problems with his 3 gods = 1 god claims. He doesn't see how this violates the law of identity, the law of non-contradiction, and law of excluded middle.

"Repent, America; believe the gospel!"

Tony, seek professional help. You are a sick motherfucker who's moral compass is absolutely FUBAR.

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