Sunday, April 29, 2012

Steve the liar and banner

Steve Sanchez says he has to ban a few people, including me. 

Fine. Then I will reply to him here.

I completely wiped all mention of one particular unbeliever and all his comments because of his persistent surliness.
That would be me. Wow. To resort to the drastic measure of deleting ALL of my replies to him? Talk about a blatant lie right there. That is the lie of omission.

Also, when there is a constant refrain that I’m lying, I will delete it. I don’t lie.

Really? You don't lie? I think I just showed that as untrue.

I owe you no apology. On the contrary, wipeing out all my posts is unforgivable for someone who supposedly loves free speech and his religious first amendment rights.

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

I have seen your supporters defame and lie about me and other atheists here. Other "Christians" here engage in such skulduggery, permitted by you, that proved to me that either 1) you are no "true" Christian or 2) you believe that such immoral acts, done in the name of your God, are totally forgivable and the ends of saving sinners justifies the immoral and dishonest means.

The way I see it, you and several of your supporters owe us apologies. Not vice versa.

If you disagree then come to smrt where we only censor spammers and not those who merely disagree.