Saturday, June 23, 2012

Question for Genesis literalists

I would love to hear the explanation for this that just isn't patently absurd.

Most "young earth creationists" (YECs) claim that there was no death in the world before the "fall of man" when Adam and Eve sinned. As a direct result of this concept, all creatures, including man were vegetarians.

This causes a number of questions that I have never heard a sufficient answer to.

  1. How do you explain that all plants are living things and would be killed the moment they were eaten and digested? 
  2. Why would Adam and Eve and all the other animals have to eat at all if there was no death? 
  3. What would have happened to them if they didn't eat before the "fall"?
  4. A number of creatures can only live from dead or decaying matter. When were they created?
  5. When were viruses created? Bacteria? Fungi?
  6. Why use would vipers and spiders have for venom? Heat sensing pits? Webs? 
That's just to start, but I am sure we can go on and on should anyone have plausible answers.