Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ken Ham is a lying twit

Ken Ham claims that evolution, even if given billions of years, has no chance of working.

He tries to make it simple.
"Darwin’s idea × billions of years × 0 (chance of actually happening) = 0."

He is dishonest as he does accept so called "microevolution" but denies so called "macroevolution". He does accept microevolution as he would be daft not to, but he is equally daft to not accept macroevolution.

What is "Darwin's Idea"? “Darwin argued that macroevolution is just microevolution writ large, or that the process we see and study as the cause of microevolution will, given sufficient time, also cause everything that we attribute to macroevolution.” (Travis and Reznick 2009, p. 126).

So Ken is actually saying here is that microevolution doesn't actually work or exist! He is in full denial mode now! If you really want to see how dishonest Ken is, read The Greatest Show on Earth By Dawkins, Richard

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